What is the best reason for using StringBuilder instead of String?

Which keywords are required with a try statement?

Which of the following statements about a finally block is true?

Which of the following is a checked exception?

Which of the following Throwable types is it recommended not to catch in a Java application?

What is the command to call one constructor from another constructor in the same class?

What keyword is used to proceed with execution immediately after a loop?

What keyword is used to end the current loop iteration and proceed execution with the next iteration of that loop?

Which of the following can loop through an array without referring to the elements by index?

Which type of loop is guaranteed to have the body execute at least once?

Which type of loop is best known for using an index or counter?

Which type of loop is best known for its boolean condition that controls entry to the loop?

How do you determine the number of elements in an array?

What symbol is used for a varargs method parameter?

Which statement immediately exits a switch statement, skipping all remaining case or default branches?

Which of the following variable types is not permitted in a switch statement?

What is the proper filename extension for a Java source file?

What is the correct character for terminating a statement in Java?

Which package is imported into every Java class by default?

Which variables have a scope limited to a method?

Which of the following is efficient than a statement due to the pre-compilation of SQL?

Which JDBC driver type is the JDBC-ODBC type?

Which of the following is not a valid type of ResultSet?

What is the correct order to close database resources?

How many rows are added to the colors table from running the following?

Which resources have their close() method called when this code runs?

Which is responsible for getting a connection to the database?

Which of these obtains a Connection?

What must be the first characters of a database URL?