Hibernate Examples

Getting Started with Hibernate

Hibernate 6 Hello World Example

Hibernate with UUIDs as Primary Keys

Hibernate @CreationTimestamp and @UpdateTimestamp Example

Hibernate: Save, Persist, Update, Merge, and SaveOrUpdate

Hibernate Configuration and Setup

Hibernate Maven Example: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hibernate SessionFactory Class Example

Hibernate Session persist Method Example

Hibernate Configuration File (hibernate.cfg.xml)

Hibernate HQL Query Example with MySQL Database

Hibernate Mappings

Hibernate One-to-One Mapping Example

Hibernate One-to-Many Mapping Example

Hibernate Many-to-One Mapping Example

Hibernate Many-to-Many Mapping Example

Hibernate with Spring Boot

Spring Boot Hibernate One-to-Many Unidirectional Example with Complete CRUD Operations

Spring Boot Hibernate One-to-Many CRUD REST API Tutorial

Spring Boot Hibernate One-to-One CRUD REST API Example

JPA / Hibernate Cascade Types Tutorial

Hibernate HQL with Spring Boot Tutorial

Hibernate SessionFactory with Spring Boot Example

CRUD Operations in Hibernate

Hibernate CRUD Example Tutorial

Hibernate Native SQL Query Example with CRUD Operations

Hibernate Native SQL Queries

Hibernate Native Query Insert and Return ID Example

Hibernate Native Query Projection Example

Hibernate Native Query Update Example

Hibernate Native Query IN Clause Example

Hibernate Integrations and Additional Features

Hibernate with Cassandra Tutorial

Hibernate Elasticsearch Tutorial

Hibernate Maven Tutorial Using MySQL Database

Hibernate ORM Framework Tutorial

Auditing with JPA, Hibernate, and Spring Data JPA

Spring Data JPA with Hibernate: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Show Hibernate/JPA SQL Statements in Spring Boot

JSP and Servlet Integration with Hibernate

JSP Servlet Hibernate CRUD Web Application with MySQL Database

Login Page Tutorial Using JSP, Servlet, Hibernate, and MySQL Database

Registration Page using JSP, Servlet, Hibernate, and MySQL Database


Hibernate Online Quiz