Java 8 Source Code Examples

This page contains a list of Java 8 source code examples with output.

On this page, you can find source code examples for the below Java 8 features:
  • Java 8 Lambda Expressions
  • Java 8 Functional Interfaces
  • Java 8 Method References
  • Java 8 Stream API
  • Java 8 Optional Class
  • Java 8 Collectors Class
  • Java 8 StringJoiner Class
  • Java 8 Static and Default Methods in Interface

Java 8 Lambda source code examples

  1. Java Simple Lambda Expression Example
  2. Java Lambda Expressions Multiple Statements
  3. Java Lambda Expressions forEach Example
  4. Java Lambda Expression with Multiple Parameters Example
  5. Java Lambda Expression Runnable Example
  6. Java Lambda Expression Comparator Example
  7. Refactoring Factory Design Pattern with Lambdas
  8. Refactoring Chain of Responsibility Pattern with Lambdas
  9. Refactoring Observer Design Pattern with Lambdas
  10. Refactoring Strategy Design Pattern with Lambdas
  11. Iterate HashMap with forEach() + Lambda Expression Example
  12. Iterate HashSet with forEach() + Lambda Expression Example
  13. Iterate ArrayList with forEach() + Lambda Expression Example

Java Method references source code examples

Java 8 Stream API source code examples

  1. Java 8 - Create Stream Object from Arrays Example
  2. Java 8 Creating a Stream from an Array
  3. Java 8 - Create Stream Object from Collection, List, Set
  4. Java 8 Stream - Sort List of String objects in Descending Order Example
  5. Java 8 Stream - Sort List of String objects in Ascending Order Example
  6. How to convert a Java 8 Stream to an Array?
  7. Java 8 Stream - allMatch(),anyMatch() and noneMatch() Example
  8. Java 8 Stream - Sort List of Objects by Multiple Fields
  9. Java 8 Stream - Sort List of Custom Objects in Ascending and Descending Order
  10. Java 8 - Stream filter(), forEach(), collect() and Collectors.toList() Example
  11. Java Stream filter null values example
  12. Java Stream filter map by values example
  13. Java Stream filter map by keys example
  14. Java 8 Collectors.counting() Example
  15. Java 8 Collectors.averagingDouble() Example
  16. Java 8 Collectors.toSet() Example
  17. Java 8 Collectors.toList() Example

Java Stream Methods/APIs Examples

Java 8 Functional interface source code examples

  1. Java Function Functional Interface Example
  2. Java Supplier Functional Interface Example
  3. Java Consumer Example
  4. Java BiConsumer Example
  5. Java BiFunction Example
  6. Java Predicate Example
  7. Java 8 LongConsumer Example
  8. Java 8 IntConsumer Example
  9. Java 8 DoubleConsumer Example
  10. Java StringJoiner Example

Optional Class Method Examples

Java 8 Programs with output

Java 8 Date-Time API source code examples:

  1. Getting current date and time with Clock
  2. Convert LocalDate to Date in Java
  3. Convert LocalDateTime into Date in Java
  4. Connvert java.util.Date to java.time.LocalDateTime Example
  5. Convert java.util.Date to java.time.LocalDate Example
  6. Duration Between Two LocalDate in Java
  7. Java Convert ZonedDateTime to String Example
  8. Convert String to ZonedDateTime in Java
  9. Compare ZonedDateTime Objects in Java
  10. How to Get Hour, Minute, Second from ZonedDateTime in Java
  11. Convert ZonedDateTime to LocalTime Example
  12. Convert ZonedDateTime to LocalDateTime in Java
  13. Java ZonedDateTime now() and of() Method Example
  14. Convert LocalDateTime to LocalTime in Java
  15. Convert LocalDateTime to LocalDate in Java
  16. Compare LocalDateTime Objects in Java
  17. Java LocalDateTime - Get Hour, Minute and Second
  18. How to Get Day Month and Year from LocalDateTime in Java
  19. Java LocalDateTime now() Method Example
  20. How to Get Current Date Time in Java
  21. Convert LocalDate to String in Java
  22. Convert String to LocalDate in Java
  23. Java LocalDate isLeapYear() Method Example
  24. How to Get Number of Days from Month and Year using LocalDate in Java
  25. Compare Java LocalDate Objects Example
  26. How to Add Days Weeks Months and Years to LocalDate in Java
  27. How to get Day Month and Year from LocalDate in Java
  28. Java LocalDate now() Method Example - Get Current Date and Specific Date
  29. Convert LocalTime to String in Java
  30. Convert String to LocalTime in Java
  31. Java LocalTime isBefore() and isAfter() Method Example
  32. How to Compare Time in Java
  33. Java 8 - LocalTime getHour(), getMinute(), getSecond() and getNano() Example
  34. Java LocalTime now() Method Example - Get Current Time and Specific Time
  35. Java 8 Get Local Date Time in All Available Time Zones
  36. How to get year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds of LocalDateTime in Java 8?
  37. How to get year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds of Date in Java?
  38. Difference between Two Dates in Java
  39. Create LocalDateTime from LocalDate and LocalTime in Java

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