Area Formulas - List of Area Formulas

This page gives you a quick reference to all the important Area formulas.

What is Area?

The area is the size of a two-dimensional surface.  It is defined as the amount of two-dimensional space occupied by an object. Area formulas have many practical applications in building, farming, architecture, science. The area of a shape can be determined by placing the shape over a grid and counting the number of squares that covers the entire space. For example, the area of a square can be calculated using a2 where a is the length of its side.

List of Area Formulas

FiguresArea FormulaVariables
Area of
Area = l × wl =  length
w  = width
Area of SquareArea  = a2= sides of a square
Area of a TriangleArea = 12bhb = baseh = height
Area of a CircleArea = πr2r= radius of a circle
Area of a TrapezoidArea =12(a + b)ha =base 1
b = base 2
h = vertical height
Area of EllipseArea = πaba = radius of major axis
b = area of the minor axis