Java Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Be the first to know about what’s happening in the world of Java and keep yourself updated. Twitter is an excellent resource for the latest trends. In this post, we will suggest a few Java professionals to follow on Twitter. Add your preference in the comment.

Java Professionals to Follow on Twitter:

  • Adam Bien - Freelance author, JavaOne Rockstar speaker, consultant, Java Champion.
  • Antonio Goncalves - Java Champion, JUG Leader, Devoxx France, Java EE 6/7, JCP, Author.
  • Arun Gupta - Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, JUG Leader, Devoxx4Kids-er, VP of Developer Advocacy at Couchbase.
  • Chris Richardson - Software architect, consultant, and serial entrepreneur, Java Champion, JavaOne Rock Star, *POJOs in Action- author.
  • Ed Burns - Consulting Member of the Technical Staff at Oracle.
  • Heinz Kabutz - Java Champion, speaker, author of The Java Specialists' Newsletter, concurrency performance expert.
  • Holly Cummins - Technical Lead of IBM London's Bluemix Garage, Java Champion, developer, author, JavaOne rockstar.
  • James Weaver - Java/JavaFX/IoT developer, author, and speaker.
  • Java EE - Official Java EE Twitter account.
  • Java - Official Java Twitter account.
  • Josh Long - Spring Advocate at Pivotal, author of O'Reilly's Cloud Native Java- and Building Microservices with Spring Boot, JavaOne Rock Star.
  • Lukas Eder - Java Champion, speaker, co-leader, Founder and CEO Data Geekery (jOOQ).
  • Mario Fusco - RedHatter, JUG coordinator, frequent speaker and author.
  • Mark Heckler - Pivotal Principal Technologist and Developer Advocate, conference speaker, published author, and Java Champion, focusing on the Internet of Things and the cloud.
  • Martijn Verburg - London JUG co-leader, speaker, author, Java Champion, and much more.
  • OpenJDK - Official OpenJDK account.
  • Randy Shoup - Stitch Fix VP Engineering, speaker, JavaOne Rock Star.
  • Simon Maple - Java Champion, VirtualJUG founder, LJC leader, RebelLabs author.
  • Spencer Gibb - Software Engineer, Dad, Geek, Co-founder and Lead of Spring Cloud Core @pivotal.
  • Venkat Subramaniam - Author, University of Houston professor, Microsoft MVP award recipient, JavaOne Rock Star, Java Champion.
  • Vlad Mihalcea - Java Champion working on Hypersistence Optimizer, database aficionado, author of High-Performance Java Persistence book.

Add your preference in the comment.