Angular CRUD Example [GitHub]

In this post, we will share the source code of the Angular CRUD application for the Employee Management System built using Angular 12 on GitHub.

As of now Angular 12 is the latest version while writing this blog post.

In this Angular 12 CRUD project, you will learn how to develop a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) web application using Angular 12 as a front-end.

Angular 12 CRUD Project Source Code on GitHub

The source code of the Angular 12 CRUD project is available on GitHub at 

Angular 12 CRUD Project Tutorial

You can develop this Angular 12 CRUD project step by step using this tutorial:

Technologies used 

- TypeScript
- CSS and HTML
- Angular 12
- Angular CLI 12
- NodeJS

Angular 12 CRUD Project Demo

Below are the screenshots shows the UI of our Employee Management System App.

Employee List Page

Add Employee Page

Update Employee Page