Spring Data REST Tutorial | Crash Course ✅

In this video tutorial, we will learn how to use the Spring Data REST module to create REST endpoints.

Spring Data REST builds on top of Spring Data repositories, analyzes your application’s domain model, and exposes hypermedia-driven HTTP resources for aggregates contained in the model. 


Table of contents:

1. Intro [00:00]

2. What Problem Spring Data REST Solves [0:50]

3. How Spring Data REST Works [4:34]

4. Create Spring Boot Project [10:46]

5. Create JPA Entity - User [ 15:48]

6. Create Spring Data JPA Repository [19:22]

7. Create and Save Users in DB for Testing [21:14]

8. Test REST APIs using Postman [25:58]

9. Configure Base Path for REST APIs [31:51]

10. @RepositoryRestResource Annotation [35:03]

11. Pagination and Sorting Support [37:39]

12. REST API for Query Methods [44:37

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