Spring MVC Tutorial with Spring Boot | Full Course ✅

In this course, you will learn Spring MVC basics and how to build web applications using Spring MVC, Spring boot, Spring Data JPA, and MySQL database.


Course Content:

Chapter 1: Intro 00:00

Chapter 2: What is Spring MVC 1:25

Chapter 3: Understanding Spring MVC Architecture 6:20

Chapter 4: Spring Boot Auto Configuration for Spring MVC 14:30

Chapter 5: Building Web Application 24:55

Chapter 6: Spring Boot MVC Project Architecture 25:48

Chapter 7: Student Management System - Demo 27:50

Chapter 8: Create Spring Boot Project 30:10

Chapter 9: MySQL Database Configuration 35:22

Chapter 10: Creating JPA Entity 40:30

Chapter 11: Creating Spring Data JPA Repository 45:06

Chapter 12: Implement List Students Feature 50:15

Chapter 13: Implement Add Student Feature 1:13:05

Chapter 14: Adding Header to Student Management App 1:30:45

Chapter 15: Implement Update Student Feature 1:33:24

Chapter 16: Implement Delete Student Feature 1:46:58 

What you will learn:

1. What is Spring MVC

2. You will learn Spring MVC important concepts

3. You will learn how Spring MVC works

4. Spring Boot auto-configuration for Spring MVC

5. You will learn how to build a complete web application (student management application) using Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, and MySQL Database.

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Spring Boot Auto Configuration for Spring MVC

- A typical MVC database-driven Spring MVC application requires a lot of configuration such as a dispatcher servlet, a view resolver, Jackson, data source, and transaction manager, among many others.

- Spring Boot automatically configures a spring application based on dependencies present or not present in the classpath.

- Spring Boot auto-configures a Dispatcher Servlet if the Spring MVC jar is on the classpath.

- Auto-configures the Jackson if the Jackson jar is on the classpath.

- Auto-configures a Data Source if Hibernate jar is on the classpath.

- Spring Boot provides the spring-boot-starter-web library for developing web applications using Spring MVC. 

- The Spring Boot autoconfiguration registers and configures the DispatcherServlet automatically. Therefore, we don’t need to register the DispatcherServlet manually.