ModelMapper vs MapStruct

ModelMapper and MapStruct are both Java libraries that help with object mapping. They can be used to convert one Java object to another Java object with different properties or a different structure.

ModelMapper is a Java library that provides a simple API for mapping one Java object to another. It uses reflection to automatically map the properties of the source object to the properties of the target object. ModelMapper is easy to use and requires minimal configuration, making it a good choice for simple mapping tasks.

On the other hand, MapStruct is a code generator that generates mapping code at compile time. It uses annotations to generate the mapping code, which is then compiled into the application. MapStruct is designed to be very fast and efficient and can handle complex mapping scenarios. It requires more configuration than ModelMapper but offers better performance and type safety.

In summary, ModelMapper is a good choice for simple mapping tasks, while MapStruct is a better choice for more complex mapping scenarios that require high performance and type safety.