Write a R program to find measures of central tendency

1. Introduction

This R program concatenates two given factors into a single factor. The result is a unified factor that combines the levels and elements of both original factors.

2. Program Steps

1. Create two factors.

2. Concatenate these factors into a single factor.

3. Print the resulting combined factor.

3. Code Program

# Step 1: Create two factors
factor1 <- factor(c("Apple", "Banana", "Cherry"))
factor2 <- factor(c("Xylophone", "Yacht", "Zebra"))

# Step 2: Concatenate the factors into a single factor
combined_factor <- factor(c(as.character(factor1), as.character(factor2)))

# Step 3: Print the combined factor
print("Combined Factor:")


Combined Factor:
[1] Apple      Banana     Cherry     Xylophone  Yacht      Zebra
Levels: Apple Banana Cherry Xylophone Yacht Zebra


1. factor(c("Apple", "Banana", "Cherry")) and factor(c("Xylophone", "Yacht", "Zebra")): Create two separate factors.

2. factor(c(as.character(factor1), as.character(factor2))): Concatenates the two factors into a single factor. The as.character function is used to ensure that the elements of the factors are correctly combined as characters before creating the new factor.

3. print("Combined Factor:"): Prints a message indicating the combined factor.

4. print(combined_factor): Displays the content of the combined factor, including its levels.