How to Change the Theme in Windows 11

Changing the theme in Windows 11 allows you to personalize your desktop environment with different colours, backgrounds, and sounds. Follow these steps to change the theme on your Windows 11 computer:

Step 1: Open Settings

  1. Click on the Start menu (Windows icon) at the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the Settings icon (gear icon). Alternatively, you can press Win + I on your keyboard to open the Settings app directly.

Step 2: Navigate to Personalization

  1. In the Settings app, click on Personalization in the left-hand sidebar.

Step 3: Access Themes Settings

  1. In the Personalization settings, click on Themes.

Step 4: Choose a Theme

  1. Under the Current theme section, you will see several pre-installed themes.
  2. Click on a theme to apply it to your system. This will change your background, colors, sounds, and mouse cursor to match the selected theme.

Step 5: Customize Your Theme

  1. If you want to further customize the selected theme, click on Background, Color, Sounds, or Mouse cursor under the Related settings section.
  2. Background: Choose between different backgrounds (picture, solid color, slideshow) and adjust settings.
  3. Colors: Select accent colors, enable or disable transparency effects, and choose dark or light mode.
  4. Sounds: Change the system sounds associated with different actions.
  5. Mouse cursor: Customize the appearance of your mouse cursor.

Step 6: Download Additional Themes from Microsoft Store

  1. Scroll down to the Apply a theme section.
  2. Click on Browse themes to open the Microsoft Store.
  3. Browse through the available themes and select the one you like.
  4. Click on Get to download and install the theme.
  5. Once installed, the theme will appear in the Themes section in the Settings app. Click on the newly installed theme to apply it.

Step 7: Save Your Custom Theme

  1. After customizing your theme, you can save it for future use.
  2. In the Themes settings, click on Save under the Current theme section.
  3. Enter a name for your custom theme and click Save.

Step 8: Switch Between Saved Themes

  1. To switch between saved themes, go to the Themes section in the Settings app.
  2. Click on the desired theme under the Apply a theme section to apply it.

Additional Tips

  • Dark Mode: You can switch to dark mode by going to Settings > Personalization > Colors and selecting Dark under Choose your mode.
  • High Contrast Themes: For better visibility, you can enable high contrast themes by going to Settings > Ease of Access > High contrast.


You have successfully changed the theme on your Windows 11 computer. Customizing the theme can enhance your user experience and make your desktop environment more visually appealing. Feel free to explore and experiment with different themes and customizations to find the perfect look for your system.