How to Enable Developer Mode in Windows 11

Enabling Developer Mode in Windows 11 allows you to develop and test apps, sideload applications, and access additional developer features. This guide will walk you through the steps to enable Developer Mode using the Settings app.


Developer Mode provides various tools and options that are essential for developers, including the ability to install apps from sources other than the Microsoft Store, access advanced settings, and use debugging features. Follow these steps to enable Developer Mode in Windows 11.

Step 1: Open Settings

  1. Click on the Start menu (Windows icon) at the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the Settings icon (gear icon). Alternatively, press Win + I to open the Settings app directly.

Step 2: Navigate to Privacy & Security

  1. In the Settings app, click on Privacy & security in the left-hand sidebar.

Step 3: Enable Developer Mode

  1. Scroll down to the Developer Mode section under the Security category.
  2. Toggle the Developer Mode switch to On.

Step 4: Confirm the Change

  1. A warning message will appear, explaining the risks associated with enabling Developer Mode. Read the message carefully.
  2. Click Yes to confirm and enable Developer Mode.

Additional Tips

  • Use Caution: Enabling Developer Mode can expose your system to security risks, as it allows for the installation of apps from sources other than the Microsoft Store. Only enable Developer Mode if you trust the sources of the apps you are installing.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): If you plan to use WSL, enabling Developer Mode can simplify the installation process and provide additional tools.
  • Sideloading Apps: With Developer Mode enabled, you can install and test apps directly from the development environment without publishing them to the Microsoft Store.


You have successfully learned how to enable Developer Mode in Windows 11. By following these steps, you can access advanced developer features, sideload applications, and use various development tools. Remember to use caution when installing apps from non-trusted sources to protect your system from potential security risks.