Scala program to find the largest element in an array

1. Introduction

Finding the largest element in an array is a fundamental operation in array manipulation. It's an operation that's frequently used in various algorithms and applications. In this blog post, we'll explore a Scala program that identifies the largest element in a given array.

2. Program Steps

1. Set up the Scala environment.

2. Create an object to house the main function.

3. Define an array of integers.

4. Implement a function to identify the largest element in the array.

5. Call the function within the main method to find the largest element.

6. Print the largest element.

7. Run the program.

3. Code Program

object LargestElementApp {
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
    val numbers = Array(64, 34, 25, 87, 22, 11, 90)  // array to find the largest element from
    println("Array Elements:")

    val largest = findLargest(numbers)  // Find the largest element

    println(s"\nLargest Element: $largest")

  // Function to find the largest element in an array
  def findLargest(arr: Array[Int]): Int = {


Array Elements:
Largest Element: 90


1. We start with an object named LargestElementApp. In Scala, the main method, which serves as the program's entry point, is housed inside an object.

2. Inside the main function, an array numbers is defined which contains the elements that we will analyze.

3. We print the array elements for clarity.

4. The function findLargest is where the main logic resides. This function simply utilizes the built-in max method provided by Scala's Array class to find the largest element in the array.

5. After identifying the largest element using the findLargest function, we print it.

6. As seen in the output, when executed, the program displays all the array elements and subsequently, the largest element among them.