Java StringBuffer delete() Example

Java StringBuffer delete() method removes the characters in a substring of this sequence. The substring begins at the specified start and extends to the character at index end - 1 or to the end of the sequence if no such character exists. If start is equal to end, no changes are made.

Java StringBuffer delete() Example

Example: Example to delete substring 'java' from string 'javaguides' using delete() method.
public class DeleteExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer("javaguides");
        // start with index and end with end -1
        StringBuffer subBuffer = buffer.delete(0, 4);
        System.out.println("Delete string 'java' from string 'javaguides' : " + subBuffer.toString());
Delete string 'java' from string 'javaguides' : guides


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