JSP Page with Example

What Is a JSP Page?

A JSP page is a text document that contains two types of text: static data, which can be expressed in any text-based format (such as HTML, SVG, WML, and XML), and JSP elements, which construct dynamic content.

The recommended file extension for the source file of a JSP page is .jsp. The page can be composed of a top file that includes other files that contain either a complete JSP page or a fragment of a JSP page. The recommended extension for the source file of a fragment of a JSP page is .jspf.

Sample JSP Page example - helloworld.jsp Page

<%@page import="java.time.LocalTime"%>
<%@page import="java.time.LocalDate"%>

    <h3>Hello World of Java!</h3>

    Date and Time on Server : <%=LocalDate.now()%> <%=LocalTime.now()%>

Note that we have used Java 8 LocalDate and LocalTime classes to print the current date and time on the server-side.

Running JSP HelloWorld JSP Page

Right-click on helloworld.jsp file and run as the server will deploy JSP application on the tomcat server.
Once the JSP program up and running in tomcat server, just hit http://localhost:8080/jsp-helloworld/helloworld.jsp link in a browser will display below page on the screen: