JSTL Core Tags List

JSTL core tags provide support for iteration, conditional logic, catch an exception, URL, forward or redirect response, etc.
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Let's list out all the JSTL core tags with descriptions.

JSTL Core Tags List

<c:out> - Like <%= ... >, but for expressions.
<c:set > - Sets the result of an expression evaluation in a 'scope'
<c:remove > - Removes a scoped variable (from a particular scope, if specified).
<c:catch> - Catches any Throwable that occurs in its body and optionally exposes it.
<c:if> - Simple conditional tag which evalutes its body if the supplied condition is true.
<c:choose> - Simple conditional tag that establishes a context for mutually exclusive conditional operations, marked by and .
<c:when> - Subtag of that includes its body if its condition evalutes to 'true'.
<c:otherwise > - Subtag of that follows the tags and runs only if all of the prior conditions evaluated to 'false'.
<c:import> - Retrieves an absolute or relative URL and exposes its contents to either the page, a String in 'var', or a Reader in 'varReader'.
10 <c:forEach > - The basic iteration tag, accepting many different collection types and supporting subsetting and other functionality .
11 <c:forTokens> - Iterates over tokens, separated by the supplied delimiters.
12 <c:param> - Adds a parameter to a containing 'import' tag's URL.
13 <c:redirect > - Redirects to a new URL.
14 <c:url> - Creates a URL with optional query parameters

How to Use JSTL Core Tags?

To use JSTL core tags, we should include below a line of code in our JSP page:
<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c" %>
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