How to Learn Java Step by Step

In this short article, we will suggest step by step how to learn Java programming language as an absolute beginner.

How to Learn Java Step by Step

Here is a suggested step-by-step approach to learning Java:

Start by familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts of programming and object-oriented programming, if you're not already familiar with them.

First, Set up the environment

Download and install the Java Development Kit (JDK) on your computer, which includes the Java runtime environment and development tools.

Begin learning the basics of the Java programming language

Begin learning the basics of the Java programming language, such as data types, variables, control flow, and operators.
Check out below tutorials/articles:

Learn about object-oriented programming in Java

Next, learn about object-oriented programming in Java:

Learn Advanced Java topics

Continue to build upon your knowledge by learning about more advanced topics in Java, such as exceptions, collections, and generics.
Check out below tutorials/articles:
  1. Java Exception Handling Guide
  2. How the Exception Handling Works in Java
  3. Three Types of Exceptions in Java
  4. Exceptions Hierarchy in Java
  5. Java Chained Exceptions
To know in-depth about an exception handling on Java Exception Handling Tutorial
Collection Framework Tutorials:
  1. Collections Framework in Java
  2. Collections Framework - The Collection Interface
  3. Collections Framework - The Set Interface
  4. Collections Framework - The SortedSet Interface
  5. Collections Framework - The List Interface
  6. Collections Framework - The Queue Interface
  7. Collections Framework - The Deque Interface
  8. Collections Framework - The Map Interface
  9. Collections Framework - The SortedMap Interface
  10. Collections Framework - ArrayList Class
  11. Collections Framework - LinkedList Class
  12. Collections Framework - CopyOnWriteArrayList
  13. Collections Framework - HashSet Class
  14. Collections Framework - LinkedHashSet Class
  15. Collections Framework - TreeSet Class
  16. Collections Framework - CopyOnWriteArraySet
  17. Collections Framework - EnumSet
  18. Collections Framework - HashMap Class
  19. Collections Framework - LinkedHashMap Class
  20. Collections Framework - TreeMap class
  21. Collections Framework - EnumMap
  22. Collections Framework - WeakHashMap
  23. Collections Framework - IdentityHashMap
Learn more about Java Collections on Java Collections Tutorial
Java Generics Tutorials:

Practice programming and debugging your own Java programs

Check out 100+ Java programs for practice:

Look for a project to work 

Look for a project to work on that will help you to solidify your understanding and deepen your knowledge on different topics.

Keep learning by following online tutorials, reading documentation, and exploring the Java Standard Library

Here are the popular tutorials, docs, and guides for your reference:

It is also a good idea to start with a basic project and progress toward a more complex one as you learn.