Ruby Convert List to String

1. Introduction

In Ruby, it is often necessary to convert a list of items, which is typically an array, into a single string. This can be useful for generating formatted output, logging, or simply displaying the elements of the list in a user-friendly way. Ruby provides a simple and intuitive way to join array elements into a string.

A list in Ruby is referred to as an array, which is an ordered collection of objects. A string is a sequence of characters. Converting a list to a string involves concatenating its elements into one contiguous set of characters, with or without a separator. Ruby's Array#join method makes this process straightforward.

2. Program Steps

1. Define the list (array) to be converted.

2. Determine the separator to be used between elements in the string.

3. Use the join method to concatenate the array elements into a string.

3. Code Program

# Step 1: Define the list (array) to be converted
list = ["This", "is", "a", "list", "of", "strings"]
# Step 2: Determine the separator
separator = " " # we'll use a space as the separator
# Step 3: Use the join method to concatenate the array elements into a string
list_as_string = list.join(separator)
# list_as_string now holds the concatenated string


"This is a list of strings"


1. list is the array containing the elements we want to convert to a string.

2. separator is the string that will be placed between each element in the array when they are joined. In this case, it's a single space.

3. list.join(separator) is the method that takes the array list and concatenates its elements into a single string, using the separator between them.

4. list_as_string is the new string created from the elements of list, joined with the defined separator.