Ruby Convert String to CamelCase

1. Introduction

In Ruby development, manipulating string cases is a common task. CamelCase is a style of writing where each word in the middle of the sentence starts with a capital letter and no intervening spaces or punctuation. It is widely used in programming, for example, when defining class names. This post will explain how to convert strings to CamelCase in Ruby.

2. Program Steps

1. Define the string to be converted.

2. Split the string into words.

3. Capitalize the first letter of each word.

4. Concatenate the words together.

5. Adjust the case of the first character according to the CamelCase convention desired (upper or lower).

3. Code Program

# Step 1: Define the string to be converted
original_string = "convert me to camelcase"
# Step 2: Split the string into words
words = original_string.split(' ')
# Steps 3 and 4: Capitalize the first letter of each word and concatenate
camelcase_string =
# Step 5: Adjust the first character to be lowercase for lowerCamelCase (if needed)
camelcase_string[0] = camelcase_string[0].downcase
# camelcase_string now holds the desired CamelCase version of the string




1. original_string contains the initial string which will be transformed.

2. The split(' ') method divides the string into an array of words using a space as a delimiter.

3. The map(&:capitalize) method is called on the array of words, which applies the capitalize method to each word, making the first letter uppercase.

4. join is then used to concatenate these words into a single string without any spaces, forming the CamelCase string.

5. camelcase_string[0].downcase is used to convert the first letter of the camelcase_string to lowercase, which follows the lowerCamelCase convention.