Ruby Convert String to Array

1. Introduction

In Ruby programming, converting a string to an array is a common operation. This can be useful in many scenarios, such as when you need to manipulate, sort, or iterate over individual elements or substrings within a larger string. Ruby provides several methods to convert strings to arrays, catering to different use cases and string formats.

A string is essentially a sequence of characters, and an array is a collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations. In Ruby, converting a string to an array typically means either splitting the string into substrings based on a delimiter or converting each character in the string into an element in an array.

2. Program Steps

1. Define the string to be converted.

2. Decide the basis on which the string will be converted to an array (e.g., characters, pattern, delimiter).

3. Use Ruby's built-in methods to split the string and create an array.

4. (Optional) Perform additional operations on the array if necessary.

3. Code Program

# Step 1: Define the string to be converted
string_to_convert = "Ruby,Python,JavaScript"
# Step 2: Decide the basis on which the string will be split - in this case, a comma
delimiter = ','
# Step 3: Use Ruby's built-in method to split the string
array_from_string = string_to_convert.split(delimiter)
# The array_from_string now contains the substrings from the original string, split based on the delimiter


["Ruby", "Python", "JavaScript"]


1. string_to_convert contains the original string which we want to convert into an array.

2. delimiter is the character on which the string will be split. It is set to , which is common in CSV data.

3. string_to_convert.split(delimiter) is the method used to split the string into an array using the defined delimiter.

4. array_from_string will hold the resulting array after the split operation has been performed.