Ruby - Delete a Directory

1. Introduction

Managing the file system is a common task in programming, and there are instances when you might need to delete a directory. In Ruby, this operation can be carried out easily with the Dir class. This article will guide you on how to delete a directory in Ruby.

Deleting a directory implies completely removing the directory and potentially its contents from the filesystem. However, it's essential to be cautious while performing this operation to avoid unintentionally removing important data.

2. Program Steps

1. Load the required library/module.

2. Specify the directory name/path to be deleted.

3. Use the rmdir method from the Dir class to delete the directory.

4. Implement exception handling to manage any potential errors, such as the directory not existing, or permission issues.

3. Code Program

# Specify the directory name to be deleted
directory_name = "directory_to_be_deleted"
# Delete the directory
  puts "Directory '#{directory_name}' deleted successfully!"
rescue SystemCallError => e
  puts "Directory deletion failed: #{e.message}"


Directory 'directory_to_be_deleted' deleted successfully!
Directory deletion failed: [Error message depending on the issue]


1. directory_name = "directory_to_be_deleted": Here, we specify the name of the directory that we want to delete.

2. Dir.rmdir(directory_name): The rmdir method from the Dir class is utilized to delete the directory.

3. We use the begin..rescue block for exception handling to address any potential errors. This ensures that if there's an issue, such as the directory not existing or a lack of necessary permissions, the program will provide a descriptive error message instead of crashing.