Ruby Convert Array to String Comma Separated

1. Introduction

Arrays are fundamental data structures in Ruby that hold collections of items. However, sometimes we need to present these collections as a single string with items separated by commas, such as when creating CSV data or joining values for display. This post will demonstrate how to convert an array into a comma-separated string in Ruby.

2. Program Steps

1. Define the array that you want to convert into a comma-separated string.

2. Use the join method provided by the Array class to combine the elements, specifying a comma as the separator.

3. Output the resulting string.

3. Code Program

# Step 1: Define the array
array = ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry']
# Step 2: Use the join method to combine elements with a comma
comma_separated_string = array.join(',')
# Step 3: Output the resulting string
puts comma_separated_string




1. array is the collection of strings that we intend to join into a single string.

2. array.join(',') is called to concatenate the elements of the array into a single string, with each element separated by a comma.

3. puts comma_separated_string prints the resulting comma-separated string to the console.