Ruby - Print Hello World

1. Introduction

The "Hello World" program is the most basic and the first program that most programmers write in any new programming language they are learning. It serves as a simple test to ensure that the language's environment and syntax are correctly understood and working. In this post, we will walk through creating a "Hello World" program in Ruby.

2. Program Steps

1. Start by opening your Ruby environment or editor.

2. Declare the main method.

3. Use the puts method inside the main method to print "Hello World".

4. Call the main method to execute the program.

3. Code Program

# This is our main method
def main
  # Using puts to print Hello World to the console
  puts "Hello World"
# Calling the main method to run our program


Hello World

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. Here, we are declaring a method named main. It's common in many programming languages to have a main method as the program's entry point. However, in Ruby, it's not mandatory. We're using it for clarity.

2. The puts method is used to print something to the console in Ruby. In this case, it prints the string "Hello World".

3. Finally, we call the main method. When Ruby reads this, it will execute the main method and run the code inside it.