Ruby - Find the Size of a Hash

1. Introduction

In Ruby, a hash is a collection of key-value pairs. Sometimes, it's necessary to find out the number of key-value pairs present in the hash, i.e., its size. This post will demonstrate how to find the size of a hash in Ruby.

2. Program Steps

1. Create a hash with key-value pairs.

2. Use the size method to get the size of the hash.

3. Print the size.

3. Code Program

# Creating a hash with some key-value pairs
book = {
  "title" => "To Kill a Mockingbird",
  "author" => "Harper Lee",
  "year" => 1960,
  "genre" => "Fiction"
# Finding the size of the hash
number_of_entries = book.size
# Printing the size of the hash
puts "The number of entries in the hash is: #{number_of_entries}"


The number of entries in the hash is: 4


1. A hash is created with four key-value pairs.

2. The size method is used on the hash, which returns the number of key-value pairs. In this case, it returns 4.

3. The result is printed out using the puts method.