Go - Struct Constructor Example

In this example, we show how to create a constructor in Golang Struct with an example.

There are no built-in constructors in Go. Programmers sometimes create constructor functions as a best practice.

Go - struct constructor example

In the example, we have the newUser constructor function, which creates new User structs. The function returns a pointer to the newly created struct.

package main

import "fmt"

type User struct {
	firstName string
	lastName  string
	email     string

func newUser(firstName string, lastName string, email string) *User {

	user := User{firstName, lastName, email}
	return &user

func main() {

	user := newUser("John", "Cena", "john@gmail.com")

	fmt.Println("firstName:", user.firstName)
	fmt.Println("lastName:", user.lastName)
	fmt.Println("email:", user.email)


firstName: John
lastName: Cena
email: john@gmail.com