Go - Custom Slice Types Example

1. Introduction

In Go, slices are a versatile and powerful feature used to handle sequences of elements. While Go offers slices of built-in types, sometimes you may need a slice with additional behavior or constraints. This is where custom slice types come into play. This post will show how to define and use custom slice types in Go.


A custom slice type in Go is a user-defined type that extends the functionality of a built-in slice type. It allows you to attach methods to the slice type, encapsulate behavior, and provide a layer of abstraction for better code organization and readability.

2. Program Steps

1. Define a custom slice type.

2. Write methods for the custom slice type.

3. Create an instance of the custom slice type.

4. Use the methods associated with the custom slice type.

3. Code Program

package main

import "fmt"

// Step 1: Define a custom slice type
type IntSlice []int

// Step 2: Write a method to add an element to the slice
func (s *IntSlice) Add(element int) {
	*s = append(*s, element)

// Step 2: Write a method to remove an element from the slice by index
func (s *IntSlice) Remove(index int) {
	*s = append((*s)[:index], (*s)[index+1:]...)

func main() {
	// Step 3: Create an instance of the custom slice type
	mySlice := IntSlice{1, 2, 3}

	// Step 4: Use the Add method
	fmt.Println("After adding an element:", mySlice)

	// Step 4: Use the Remove method
	mySlice.Remove(1) // Remove the element at index 1 (the second element)
	fmt.Println("After removing an element:", mySlice)


After adding an element: [1 2 3 4]
After removing an element: [1 3 4]


1. package main - The package declaration for the Go program.

2. import "fmt" - Imports the Format package for output operations.

3. IntSlice - A custom slice type based on a slice of int.

4. Add - A method for IntSlice that adds an element to the end of the slice.

5. Remove - A method for IntSlice that removes an element at a given index.

6. mySlice - An instance of IntSlice that demonstrates the use of custom methods.

7. The Add method is used to append a new element to mySlice.

8. The Remove method is used to remove the element at index 1 from mySlice.

9. The fmt.Println statements print the state of mySlice after each operation.

10. The output shows the changes to mySlice after adding and then removing elements, demonstrating the behavior of the custom slice type and its methods.