Golang Lists

A list is a sequence of elements. Each element can be connected to another with a link in a forward or backward direction. The element can have other payload properties. 

This data structure is a basic type of container. Lists have a variable length and developers can remove or add elements more easily than an array. Data items within a list need not be contiguous in memory or on disk.

Golang Lists

To get started, a list can be used in Go, as shown in the following example; elements are added through the PushBack method on the list, which is in the container/list package:

package main

// importing fmt and container list packages
import (

// main method
func main() {
	var intList list.List

	for element := intList.Front(); element != nil; element = element.Next() {

The list is iterated through the for loop, and the element's value is accessed through the Value method.

Run the following commands:

go run list.go