Swift Program to Check Leap Year

1. Introduction

Combining or joining two strings is a common operation in programming. It allows you to merge content from multiple sources or simply append one string to another. In this guide, we'll explore how to concatenate or join two strings in Swift.

2. Program Overview

We'll be working with two distinct strings, and our goal is to join them together into a single string. Swift provides a straightforward way to achieve this using the + operator.

3. Code Program

// Define the two strings to be joined
let string1 = "Hello, "
let string2 = "World!"

// Join the two strings using the + operator
let joinedString = string1 + string2

// Display the result


Hello, World!

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. let string1 = "Hello, " and let string2 = "World!": These are the two strings we intend to join. string1 contains a greeting while string2 is an exclamation.

2. The joining operation is performed in let joinedString = string1 + string2.

- Here, the + operator, when applied to strings in Swift, concatenates or joins the strings together.

3. Finally, print(joinedString) displays our concatenated string.

Swift's ease of string manipulation using the + operator makes joining strings a straightforward task.