Swift Program to Find Remainder

1. Introduction

Finding the remainder after division is a foundational operation in mathematics and has significant applications in programming, from determining if a number is even or odd to more advanced algorithms. In this guide, we'll explore a Swift program that computes the remainder of a division operation, diving deep into variable management, arithmetic operations, and error handling.

2. Program Overview

The objective of this Swift program is to divide one number by another and then determine the remainder of this division. The program also takes into account the case where the divisor is zero, which is mathematically undefined.

3. Code Program

// Declare the dividend and the divisor
let dividend = 29.0
let divisor = 4.0

// Ensure the divisor is not zero to prevent division by zero
if divisor != 0.0 {
    let remainder = dividend.truncatingRemainder(dividingBy: divisor)
    print("The remainder when \(dividend) is divided by \(divisor) is \(remainder)")
} else {
    print("Division by zero is undefined!")


The remainder when 29.0 is divided by 4.0 is 1.0

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. let dividend = 29.0: We begin by defining a constant named dividend and setting its value to 29.0.

2. let divisor = 4.0: A constant divisor is also declared with a value of 4.0.

3. if divisor != 0.0 { ... } else { ... }: As a precautionary measure, we first verify if the divisor is non-zero. Division by zero is not valid mathematically, so this check ensures we don't run into errors.

4. let remainder = dividend.truncatingRemainder(dividingBy: divisor): Inside the if block, the remainder is computed using Swift's truncatingRemainder(dividingBy:) method. This method returns the remainder of the division, effectively emulating the modulo operation for floating-point numbers.

5. print(...) statements: Based on the validity of the divisor, one of the two print statements gets executed. If the divisor is valid, the result of the remainder operation is displayed. If the divisor is zero, an error message is printed.