Swift Program to Split a String into Words

1. Introduction

Working with strings is a fundamental aspect of many programming tasks. One common operation is splitting a string into separate words or tokens based on some delimiter, usually spaces. In this guide, we will dive into how to achieve this in Swift.

2. Program Overview

We'll utilize a sample sentence and split it into individual words using Swift's inbuilt function split(separator:). This function will parse through the string and create an array of substrings by separating the original string on every occurrence of a specified character.

3. Code Program

// Define the sample sentence
let sentence = "Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language"

// Splitting the string into words
let words = sentence.split(separator: " ").map(String.init)

// Displaying the words
for word in words {



4. Step By Step Explanation

1. let sentence = "Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language": Here, we define the string that we want to split into individual words.

2. The main operation happens in let words = sentence.split(separator: " ").map(String.init).

- sentence.split(separator: " ") splits the string wherever it encounters a space (" "). This results in an array of substrings.- map(String.init) is used to convert these substrings back into regular strings.

3. We then use a for-loop to iterate over the resulting array of words and print each word on a new line.

Using Swift's split(separator:) method makes string manipulation and extraction of individual words or tokens a breeze.