Swift Program to Divide Two Numbers

1. Introduction

In this blog post, we will learn how to create a Swift program that divides two numbers. Along with this program, you will learn variable usage, arithmetic operations, and conditional checks.

2. Program Overview

The primary aim of this Swift program is to divide two numbers and present the result. In doing so, we will confront a common issue—division by zero—and demonstrate how to address it gracefully in Swift.

3. Code Program

// Declare two numbers for the division operation
let dividend = 15.0
let divisor = 5.0

// Check if divisor is zero to prevent division by zero
if divisor != 0.0 {
    let quotient = dividend / divisor
    print("The result of dividing \(dividend) by \(divisor) is \(quotient)")
} else {
    print("Division by zero is undefined!")


The result of dividing 15.0 by 5.0 is 3.0

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. let dividend = 15.0: The division process begins by defining a constant named dividend and assigning it a value of 15.0.

2. let divisor = 5.0: Next, a constant divisor is initialized with a value of 5.0.

3. if divisor != 0.0 { ... } else { ... }: Before performing the division, it's pivotal to ensure that the divisor is not zero, since division by zero is mathematically undefined. The conditional if statement checks this. If the divisor is not zero, the division proceeds; otherwise, an error message is printed.

4. let quotient = dividend / divisor: Inside the if block, the actual division is executed, and the result is stored in the quotient constant.

5. print(...) statements: Depending on the validity of the divisor, one of the print statements will be executed—either displaying the result of the division or warning about the division by zero.