Swift Program to Copy One String to Another String

1. Introduction

In Swift, strings are reference types. However, due to Swift's "copy-on-write" strategy, when you copy one string to another, they share the same memory until one of them is changed. In this tutorial, we'll explore how to copy one string into another in Swift.

2. Program Overview

The main steps of our program will be:

1. Declare a string.

2. Copy the original string to another string.

3. Print both strings.

3. Code Program

// Declare an original string
let originalString = "Swift is awesome!"

// Copy the original string to another string
let copiedString = originalString

// Print both the original and copied strings
print("Original String: \(originalString)")
print("Copied String: \(copiedString)")


Original String: Swift is awesome!
Copied String: Swift is awesome!

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. We start by declaring a string named originalString with the value "Swift is awesome!".

2. To copy the originalString to another string, we simply assign it to a new variable, in this case, copiedString.

3. We then print both strings using string interpolation to verify that they hold the same value.

Thanks to Swift's optimization, even though we've "copied" the string, both originalString and copiedString will reference the same underlying memory until one of them gets modified. Once a modification happens, Swift will duplicate the memory, ensuring that the original string remains unaffected.Thus, copying strings in Swift is efficient, and developers don't need to worry about inadvertent changes to the original string when manipulating the copied one.