Swift Program to Count Number of Digits in an Integer

1. Introduction

Counting the number of digits in an integer is a foundational task in programming, laying the groundwork for more intricate numerical operations. In this guide, we will create a Swift program that determines the number of digits in a given integer.

2. Program Overview

The program's approach is simple: convert the integer to a string and then count the string's length. This technique leverages Swift's string properties to accomplish the task effortlessly.

3. Code Program

// Sample integer
let integer: Int = 123456789

// Convert integer to string
let integerAsString = String(integer)

// Determine number of digits
let numberOfDigits = integerAsString.count

// Print result
print("The number \(integer) has \(numberOfDigits) digits.")


The number 123456789 has 9 digits.

4. Step By Step Explanation

1. let integer: Int = 123456789: We begin by initializing an integer integer with the value 123456789 as our sample number.

2. let integerAsString = String(integer): Convert the integer to a string. This conversion allows us to employ Swift's inherent string properties for our benefit.

3. let numberOfDigits = integerAsString.count: Swift's strings have a built-in property called count which gives the length of the string. Since our string is a representation of the integer, its length will equal the number of digits in the integer.

4. Finally, the program prints the result, revealing the original integer and its digit count.