Write a python program to repeat a givent string multiple times

1. Introduction

In this blog post, we'll explore how to write a Python program to repeat a given string a specified number of times. This task is a basic yet important aspect of string manipulation in Python, showing how to generate repetitive text patterns efficiently.

2. Program Steps

1. Define a function that takes two arguments: the string to be repeated and the number of times it should be repeated.

2. Use the * operator to repeat the string the specified number of times.

3. Return or print the resulting repeated string.

3. Code Program

def repeat_string(input_string, repeat_count):
    # Step 2: Repeat the string using the * operator
    repeated_string = input_string * repeat_count

    # Step 3: Return the repeated string
    return repeated_string

# Example usage
input_str = "Python"
repeat_times = 3
result = repeat_string(input_str, repeat_times)
print(f"Repeated string: {result}")


For the input string 'Python' repeated 3 times, the output will be PythonPythonPython.


1. The function repeat_string is defined to take two parameters: input_string and repeat_count.

2. Inside the function, the * operator is used to repeat input_string repeat_count times. In Python, multiplying a string by an integer n repeats the string n times.

3. The function then returns the repeated_string.

4. When the function is called with the string 'Python' and repeat_times as 3, it returns 'Python' repeated three times, resulting in PythonPythonPython.

This simple program demonstrates the use of the * operator for string repetition in Python, a useful technique for creating patterns or replicating strings.