Write a Python program to Check whether the given string startswith 'h'

1. Introduction

In this blog post, we will write a Python program to check whether a given string starts with the character 'h'. This task will help us understand how to work with string methods in Python, specifically the startswith() method, which is widely used in text processing and validation.

2. Program Steps

1. Define a function that takes a string as its argument.

2. Use the startswith() method to check if the string starts with 'h'.

3. Return or print the result of this check.

3. Code Program

def check_start_with_h(input_string):
    # Step 2: Check if the string starts with 'h'
    if input_string.startswith('h'):
        return True
        return False

# Step 1: Define a string
input_str = "hello world"
result = check_start_with_h(input_str)
print(f"Does the string start with 'h'? {result}")


For the input string 'hello world', the output will be True.


1. The function check_start_with_h is defined to accept a string, input_string, as its parameter.

2. Inside the function, the startswith() method is used to check if input_string begins with the character 'h'. This method returns True if the string starts with the specified character, otherwise, it returns False.

3. The function returns True if input_string starts with 'h', and False otherwise.

4. When the function is called with the string 'hello world', it returns True since this string does indeed start with 'h'.

This program is a simple demonstration of using string methods in Python to perform basic checks, in this case, whether a string starts with a specific character.