Write a python program to traverse a list and print the values in it

1. Introduction

This blog post introduces a Python program to traverse a list and print its values. Traversing a list and accessing its elements is a fundamental skill in Python programming, widely used in data processing, analysis, and many other applications.

2. Program Steps

1. Define a list with some values.

2. Iterate through the list using a loop.

3. Print each value during the iteration.

3. Code Program

def print_list_values(input_list):
    # Step 2: Iterate through the list
    for value in input_list:
        # Step 3: Print each value

# Step 1: Define a list
example_list = [1, 2, 3, 'Python', 'Programming']


The output will be each value in the list printed on a separate line:


1. A list named example_list is defined with a mix of integers and strings. This list serves as the input for our function.

2. The function print_list_values takes input_list as an argument. It uses a for loop to iterate over each element in the list.

3. Inside the loop, each value from the list is printed. The print function is called for each iteration, displaying the current value on the console.

This program is a basic demonstration of how to iterate through a list in Python and perform actions with each element, in this case, printing them.