Go - HTTP POST request FORM data

In this source code example, we will show how to send an HTTP Post request with form data in Golang.

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Go - HTTP POST request FORM data

The PostForm issues a POST to the specified URL, with data's keys and values URL-encoded as the request body. The Content-Type header is set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded

The data is sent in the body of the request; the keys and values are encoded in key-value tuples separated by '&', with a '=' between the key and the value.

We send a POST request to the https://httpbin.org/post page.

Let's create a file named "go_example.go" and add the following source code to it:

package main

import (

func main() {

    data := url.Values{
        "name":       {"Admin"},
        "occupation": {"Engineer"},

    resp, err := http.PostForm("https://httpbin.org/post", data)

    if err != nil {

    var res map[string]interface{}



Run the following command to execute the go_example.go file:

G:\GoLang\examples>go run go_example.go
map[name:Admin occupation:Engineer]

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