Python Program to Sort Words in Alphabetic Order

1. Introduction

Sorting words in alphabetic order is a common task in text processing and manipulation. This operation is widely used in dictionary applications, data analysis, and whenever there's a need to organize textual data systematically. Understanding how to perform such sorting is essential for anyone looking to work with text data in Python. Python's built-in functions and methods make sorting operations straightforward. This blog post will guide you through writing a Python program to sort words in alphabetic order, highlighting an approach that is both simple and effective.

2. Program Steps

1. Prompt the user to enter a string of text.

2. Split the text into a list of words.

3. Sort the list of words in alphabetic order.

4. Display the sorted list of words.

3. Code Program

# Step 1: Prompt the user to enter a string of text
text = input("Enter a text: ")

# Step 2: Split the text into words
words = text.split()

# Step 3: Sort the list of words

# Step 4: Display the sorted words
print("The sorted words are:")
for word in words:


Enter a text: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The sorted words are:


1. The program starts by asking the user to input a string of text. This text can be a sentence, a paragraph, or any textual content that the user wishes to sort alphabetically.

2. The entered text is then split into a list of words using the split() method. This method splits the string at every space, creating a list where each element is a word from the original string.

3. The list of words is sorted in alphabetic order using the sort() method. This method rearranges the elements of the list so that they follow a specific order (in this case, alphabetical order).

4. Finally, the program iterates through the sorted list of words and prints each word on a new line. This step effectively displays the words of the original text sorted in alphabetic order.

5. This approach demonstrates how Python's built-in methods can be used to manipulate and organize text data efficiently, making it a valuable tool for text processing tasks.