Spring Petclinic ReactJS Project | GitHub

In this post, we would like to suggest a free open-source project that is the Spring Petclinic developed using Spring Boot and ReactJS for learning purposes. So go ahead, check out the source code, and have a hands-on experience on real-time project.

Spring Petclinic project is an open-source and available on GitHub repository at https://github.com/spring-petclinic/spring-petclinic-reactjs

Spring Petclinic ReactJS Project

This is a full-stack pet clinic application developed using ReactJS as front end and Spring boot as backend.

Following is the screenshot of the final version of this application:

This project has two apps:
1. spring-petclinic - The spring boot project exposes REST APIs.
2. spring-petclinic-reactjs - ReactJS project consumes REST APIs.