Spring Boot E-Commerce Project - Shopizer

In this post, we would like to suggest a free e-commerce open-source project that is Shopizer developed using Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring Security, Docket, MySQL for learning purposes. So go ahead, check out the source code, and have hands-on experience on a real-time project.

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Spring Boot E-Commerce Project - Shopizer

You can use Shopizer to create online stores, marketplaces, product listings, B2B applications, transactional portals, and much more using Shopizer's secure, fast and reliable open source e-commerce software.

Shopizer is built by a dedicated, agile community of Java and e-commerce experts who are motivated by the desire to create great software that is easily adaptable to the demanding practices and changing trends of e-commerce. 

Spring Boot E-Commerce Project - Shopizer Features:
  • Shopping cart
  • Catalogue
  • Search
  • Checkout
  • Administration

See the demo:


The below sample screenshots shows the demo of this application:

Sign in Page:

GitHub Repository - https://github.com/RameshMF/shopizer

Demo - http://demo.shopizer.com:8080/shop/

To build the application:

From the command line:

$ cd shopizer
$ mvnw clean install

Run the application from Spring boot

   $ cd sm-shop
   $ mvnw spring-boot:run

Run Docker image with working demo

docker run -p 80:8080 shopizerecomm/shopizer:latest



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