Spring Boot Tutorial - User Login and Registration Backend + Email Verification

In this post, we are going to suggest you YouTube video (Spring Boot Tutorial - User Login and Registration Backend + Email Verification) and you can download source code from the GitHub repository (link provided at end of this post).

In this Java tutorial, you will learn how to develop a complete backend application for user login and registration using Spring Boot including email verification links.

What you will learn?

1. Create Spring boot project

2. Implement Login and Registration REST API's using Spring boot and Spring security

3. Registration verification via email

4. Test REST APIs using Postman client

Tools and technologies used

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Data JPA
  • Sring Security
  • Java Mail
  • Intellij idea
  • Maven
  • Postman
  • PostgreSQL

Architecture Diagram

Postman Demo

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 23 37 57

YouTube Video

Watch this tutorial on YouTube video:

Source Code on GitHub

You can find the complete source code of this tutorial on our GitHub repository: https://github.com/sourcecodeexamples/login-registration-backend