Spring Boot Angular CRUD Example [GitHub]

In this post, we will share the source code of the Spring Boot Angular CRUD application for the Employee Management System built using Angular 12 as frontend and Spring Boot as backend.

As of now Angular 12 is the latest version while writing this blog post.

Spring Boot Angular CRUD Example on GitHub

The source code of the Spring Boot Angular 12 CRUD project is available on GitHub at https://github.com/sourcecodeexamples/angular-springboot-crud-example

Spring Boot Angular CRUD Application Tutorial

You can develop this Spring Boot Angular 12 CRUD project step by step using this tutorial: Angular CRUD Example with Spring Boot

Tools and technologies used

Server-side technologies

  • Spring Boot
  • JDK - 1.8 or later
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring Data JPA (Hibernate)

Front end technologies

  • Angular (Latest version as of now)
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Node and NPM
  • JQuery


  • Maven - 3.2+
  • IDE - Eclipse or Spring Tool Suite (STS) // Spring boot API development
  • Visual Studio 2017 // Angular App development
  • Angular CLI 

What you will build in this Project?

Basically, you will create two projects:
  1. springboot-backend: This project is used to develop CRUD RESTFul APIs for a simple Employee Management System using Spring Boot, JPA, and MySQL as a database.
  2. angular-frontend: This project is used to develop single page application using Angular 12 as front-end technology. This Angular application consumes CRUD Restful APIs developed and exposed by a springboot-backend project.


Below are the screenshots shows the UI of our Employee Management System App:


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