Spring Boot 3 Release Date

Spring Boot 3 is the long-awaited follow-up release to Spring Boot 2 release. 

It is currently available as a milestone release Spring Boot 3.0.0-M1, Spring Boot 3.0.0-M2, and Spring Boot 3.0.0-M3.

Check this official announcement for Spring boot 3 M3: Spring Boot 3.0.0-M3 is available now

Spring Boot 3 Release Date

The Spring Boot 3 general availability release date is currently scheduled for late November 2022.

Spring Boot 3 Release Cycle

According to the Git Hub wiki for Spring Frameworks, Spring Boot “releases a new major or minor version every six months (in May and November),” with patches released as necessary. 

Looking at historical releases, major Spring versions have been released every four years, with Spring Boot 1 in 2014, Spring Boot 2 in 2018, and Spring Boot 3 planned for 2022. Minor releases fill in the gaps between those releases, with a minor release every six months.

What to Expect in Spring Boot 3

Based on the Spring Boot 3.0.0-M3 release, the main changes around the Java version (and Gradle version for Gradle users), Spring Framework version, Jakarta EE version, and the resulting dependency upgrades and deprecations.

Spring Boot 3 Dependency Upgrades

The biggest change in Spring Boot 3 is the decision to use Java 17 as the minimum version. Requiring Java 17 and newer is a big move, with Spring set to be the first major framework to require this recent LTS release.